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Will a Generator Damage My Furnace?

For first-class furnace repair and maintenance services in Richmond Hill, Georgia, contact Georgia Air Cooling & Heating. Call (912) 513-3361 today! Few appliances benefit your family more during a winter…... Read Article

What Causes a Yellow Flame in a Furnace?

Do you have questions or concerns about your heating, cooling, or indoor air quality appliances? It’s a sweet deal when you contact Georgia Air Cooling & Heating for troubleshooting or…... Read Article

What Is a Furnace Tune-Up?

With chilly weather right around the corner, it’s time to fire up the furnace. But before you do, have you scheduled a furnace tune-up yet? What is a furnace tune-up?…... Read Article

What Causes Soft Lockout on a Furnace?

Experiencing issues with your heating or cooling system is frustrating, but Georgia Air Cooling & Heating is here to get your systems in good working condition. Call us today at…... Read Article

How Much Does an AC Compressor Replacement Cost?

With years of experience performing five-star services, trust us with all your AC needs and questions! Your air conditioner depends on numerous functioning components to blow cool air evenly within…... Read Article

How To Reset Air Conditioner Breakers

Are you experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating for diagnostics, repairs, and replacements! When temperatures are too hot outside in Georgia, you rely…... Read Article

Can I Use My AC and Humidifier Together?

Outdoor temperatures can fluctuate wildly as one season turns into the next. Just when you find the perfect indoor temperature in summer, you have to adjust your thermostat and find…... Read Article

What Is a High-Efficiency HVAC System and Why Choose One for Your Home?

Georgia Air Cooling & Heating is the go-to team for HVAC issues in Richmond Hill and beyond. Call today to get your HVAC heating and cooling efficiently again! Have you…... Read Article

Can Dirty Coils Cause an AC To Freeze?

Air conditioners are some of the most cherished appliances during Georgia’s hot summer season. They keep your home and business cool and comfortable once temperatures rise, allowing you to beat…... Read Article

What Does BTU Mean for AC Systems?

Are you thinking about buying a new air conditioner? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating to find the perfect fit for your space, cooling needs, and budget. When you’re weighing…... Read Article

How To Save on Cooling Costs in the Summer

Summers are constantly getting hotter, especially in already warm-natured states like Georgia. As the heat increases, so do energy rates, leading to higher electric bills. But what else can you…... Read Article

Why Does My AC Keep Breaking Down?

Is your air conditioner experiencing problems that you can’t explain? Call Georgia Air Heating & Cooling today at (912) 513-3741 for assistance! Things are less than peachy if your air…... Read Article

Do Old AC Units Use More Electricity?

Is your home experiencing HVAC issues? Call today to request services from the top-rated HVAC experts at Georgia Air Cooling & Heating! With the summer temperatures in Georgia, having an…... Read Article

How Does Air Conditioning Reduce Humidity?

Is your home unusually humid, even for a Georgian summer? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912.513.3361 to restore comfort to your home. If you have an air conditioner…... Read Article

What Causes Condensation on AC Vents?

When you’re suffering from a broken air conditioner, call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912.513.3724. You need a fully-functioning air conditioner to stay cool during the hot Georgia summers.…... Read Article

Is Your Air Conditioner Overheating? Here’s Why

Is your air conditioner overheating? If so, there are several reasons this could be the case. Fixing an overheating AC should be a priority because it can lead to other…... Read Article

Answering 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioners

If you’re looking for reliable AC professionals to answer some frequently asked questions about air conditioners, then call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at (912) 513-3724 to schedule an AC…... Read Article

How to Make an Old Air Conditioner Work Better

Whether you have an old air conditioner or a new one, Georgia Air Cooling & Heating’s experts can share some tips on efficiency, easy maintenance, and more—call us today! Have…... Read Article

Lubricating a Furnace Blower Motor: How It Works

While Georgia may not be known for exceptionally frigid temperatures, anyone who lives here knows that winters require a furnace system to keep homes warm and toasty. That’s why it’s…... Read Article

Furnace Leaking Water When Your AC Is On: Why It Happens

Don’t wait to contact Georgia Air Cooling & Heating if you notice water leaking from your furnace or AC. Request an appointment with our team today.  As summer approaches and…... Read Article

How Does an Air Conditioner Expansion Valve Work: A Brief Guide

Does your air conditioner or heating system need repair? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating’s experienced technicians today!  Cooling systems rely on a complex set of parts to cool air…... Read Article

How Often Should a Furnace Be Serviced?

Struggling with the headache of a malfunctioning furnace? Looking for an HVAC company to perform a thorough inspection? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating today at 912-200-6170! Keeping your home…... Read Article

What Is a Variable-Speed Furnace?

Need reliable heating services? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at (912) 513-3724 today! Homeowners know the importance of heating their houses but may not realize that they have a…... Read Article

All You Need to Know About Upgrading Your AC Unit

The Georgia heat can be brutal, but our team of experts at Georgia Air Cooling & Heating is here to help. We are Richmond Hill’s air conditioning replacement and installation experts, and…... Read Article

Where Is the Blower Motor on a Furnace?

Where is the blower motor on a furnace? If you have asked yourself that question, your furnace is probably making strange noises or struggling to move warm air effectively to…... Read Article

Should I Replace a 40-year-Old Furnace?

Is an old furnace giving you trouble? Are you thinking of replacing it? Get expert help from Georgia Air by calling 912-513-3724 today! While the cool season in Georgia typically…... Read Article

What Is an AC Evaporator: A Brief Guide

No cooling system can function properly without an evaporator coil. But what is an AC evaporator exactly? It plays a key part in producing cool airflow within your home and…... Read Article

What Is a Heat Exchanger in a Furnace and How Does It Work?

Despite the generally warm environment of Georgia, temperatures, especially during winter nights, can get relatively low. When chilly air surrounds your home and drops your indoor temperature, your furnace works…... Read Article

What Does a Furnace Limit Switch Do: A Brief Guide

For fast, reliable furnace repairs, call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912.513.3361 today! When turning on your heat, have you ever wondered why the hot air doesn’t immediately release into different…... Read Article

Can You Run an Air Conditioner on an Extension Cord?

For professional AC installation, contact our experts at Georgia Air! Call us today at (912) 513-3741. So, you just bought an air conditioner to keep a room cooler during hot…... Read Article

How to Fix a Short-Cycling Furnace: Guide from the Pros

Short cycling is a common issue with furnaces and can cause significant problems for your home. If your home relies on a furnace for heating, learning how to fix a…... Read Article

Ideal Indoor Winter Humidity According to Experts

Living in the south, we get used to the warm Richmond Hill, GA, temps that last most of the year. However, when 40 degrees becomes the regular low in the…... Read Article

Should I Turn My AC Off in the Winter?

If you have questions about your home heating and cooling system, need emergency repairs, or are thinking about replacing your system, turn to Georgia Air Cooling & Heating. Call us…... Read Article

Installation of Furnace: What to Do Before and After

Having a professional install a furnace in your home is a big deal because these devices last about 15 years and keep your home warm and comfortable. Georgia Air Cooling…... Read Article

The 6 Common Furnace Problems That U.S. Homeowners Experience

Many across the U.S. believe furnaces are more prevalent in northern state homes than down south. Unfortunately, the warm weather that grows our exceptional peaches doesn’t last year-round in Richmond…... Read Article

What Is the Ideal Thermostat Setting for Fall?

If you need a new thermostat or your heating system isn’t ready for winter, call us at (912) 513-3361 for help. Georgia Air is here to help keep your family…... Read Article

5 Different Types of Furnaces You Should Consider for Your New Home

From a heat pump that transfers heat in and out of your home rather than creating it to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces and everything in between, you have plenty of…... Read Article

Fall Furnace Maintenance; The Ultimate Guide

Fall is the time to make the big switch from your air conditioner to your furnace. While you probably won’t be using your furnace immediately, you should prepare and inspect…... Read Article

Where to Relocate Thermostat for Maximum Efficiency

Is your home’s HVAC system failing to keep your family comfortable? Does your home feel warmer or colder than the thermostat reading? Call the trusted HVAC experts of Georgia Air…... Read Article

Why You Should Replace Furnace and AC at the Same Time

Your air conditioner and furnace keep your home comfortable year-round by controlling your indoor climate. With proper maintenance, your heating system lasts up to 15 years, while the average lifespan…... Read Article

What Is the Most Efficient Heating System for Your Home?

Want to discover the most efficient heating system for your home? Our Georgia Air Cooling & Heating team can pair you with the right heating system at an affordable price…... Read Article

What Is the Best Temperature to Sleep At?

Want to improve your quality of sleep? Repairing or installing a new HVAC system might be the solution. Call At Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912-513-3756!  Knowing the best…... Read Article

Why Is My House Colder Than the Thermostat Setting?

Are you dealing with a chilly house? Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912.513.3756 for fast and reliable repairs! Thermostats allow us to adjust the indoor temperature no matter…... Read Article

6 Types of Air Conditioning and How to Choose for Your Home 

Air conditioning in Georgia is a necessity, no matter where in the state you live. Everyone in the Peach State can appreciate the benefits of cool, refreshing air on a…... Read Article

5 Reasons Your AC Can’t Keep Up with the Heat

Don’t suffer in the Georgia heat! Call Georgia Air at 912-513-3756 for fast AC repair from experienced HVAC professionals. As a Georgia resident, you know how devastating the southern heat…... Read Article

AC Not Blowing Cold Air: Reasons and Solutions

Is your air conditioner not blowing cold air? Trust the HVAC experts at Georgia Air to resolve the issue promptly when you request service by calling 912-513-3756. Your home’s air…... Read Article

Should an HVAC Run All the Time: Does It Matter?

Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912-513-3756 for help when you need expert air conditioning repairs or installations. Your air conditioner is vital to keeping you and your family…... Read Article

UV Light In HVAC Effectiveness: What You Need to Know

Call Georgia Air Cooling & Heating at 912-513-3756 for expert assistance with various HVAC and indoor air quality issues. The HVAC system in your home plays a significant role in…... Read Article

How Often Should You Service Your HVAC and Why?

Reliable HVAC services are just one call away —call Georgia Air at 912-513-3724 today! Your home’s air conditioner does a lot. In the summer, keeping the entire house cool is…... Read Article

Ten Telltale Signs That You Need Emergency Furnace Help

Call Georgia Air for emergency furnace services at 912-513-3724. It’s always stressful when something goes wrong in your home, but a heater malfunction can be especially problematic. While today’s heating…... Read Article

8 Reasons Why Heating Is Not Working in My Home

The intense, almost year-round Georgia heat makes most of us forget about our furnaces for months at a time. However, when it becomes cold, we all race back to our…... Read Article

How To Maintain Your AC Condenser Coil: How the Pros Can Help

While we sometimes take our AC units for granted, they are a modern luxury with many components. One of these components is an AC condenser coil. The primary function of…... Read Article

What Is an Air Handler and Why Is It Important?

The HVAC system in your home features several units and moving parts working together to keep you cool or warm. One of the core components is the air handler system.…... Read Article

What is The Most Cost-Efficient AC Setting in Summer?

Anyone who’s been to Georgia in the summer knows you can’t make it through the heat comfortably without a reliable air conditioning system. But even when you have a top-of-the-line…... Read Article

7 Reasons Why Your HVAC is Freezing Up in the Summer

It’s no secret that the warm Georgia sun can be too hot to handle year-round, especially in the summer. But that heat is precisely why so many air conditioner users…... Read Article

7 Tips on How to Improve HVAC Efficiency

When 14 straight hours of summer sun hits Hinesville, GA, per day, temperatures regularly skyrocket into the low 90s. As this occurs, you’ll feel tempted to turn the dial lower…... Read Article

Is It Safe to Have Mismatched Furnace and AC?

Choosing an AC system and furnace for your HVAC system can be challenging. With factors like your home’s comfort demands and size constraints, you may have limitations to the HVAC…... Read Article

Air Conditioner Unit Not Turning On: Causes and Solutions

The last thing you want is to come home to a faulty air conditioning unit. Is your air conditioner unit not turning on? There are many reasons why it’s not…... Read Article

How Does An HVAC System Work: Basic Introduction to the Process

As the global temperature increases each year, having an HVAC system for your home is necessary. HVAC units help heat and cool your Richmond Hill home. However, they also provide…... Read Article

How to Tell if Freon Is Low in House AC: 7 Signs

At Georgia Air Cooling & Heating, our full range of HVAC services can make your day sweeter. Call us today at 912-513-3361 for a free consultation and fast results. As…... Read Article

8 Tips to Balance HVAC System Throughout Your Home

Air balancing refers to the consistency of your home’s temperature across different rooms. When you have correct air balancing in your home, the entire house should heat up and cool…... Read Article

How Long Does a Heating Unit Last: Factors That Affect It

If you live in Richmond Hill, Ga, or the surrounding areas, you understand a crisp 40-degree winter day will have you reaching for the thermostat. However, with the tiniest touch…... Read Article

Understanding HVAC Ratings: What Do They Mean?

Could HVAC ratings affect purchasing or maintenance decisions? Yes, and if you ever look into buying a new system, the unfamiliar technical terms and acronyms could be intimidating. Don’t worry;…... Read Article

11 Important HVAC Questions You Should Ask Your Contractor

Georgia’s harsh temperatures can be fatal without an efficient heating and cooling system. You need to be confident that the contractor you choose will offer excellent quality work, honest service,…... Read Article

How to Choose the Right Size HVAC System: Sizing Guide

Knowing how to choose the right size HVAC system can be difficult. A system that’s too big will boost your energy bills and environmental footprint, while a system that’s too…... Read Article

HVAC Maintenance Checklist: What Should Be Included?

The heating and cooling experts at Georgia Air adhere to the highest standards and best practices for heating and cooling systems. We perform quality installation, repair, and maintenance of Heating,…... Read Article

2022’s Best Air Conditioner Brands to Consider for Your Home

Georgia Air is a premier provider of heating and cooling services in Richmond Hill, GA, with experience in air conditioning service, installation, and repair. In our years of experience, we…... Read Article

Supply Shortages: How Georgia Air and Trane Can Help You Avoid the Winter Chill

Shortages. It has become a commonly used word in the past year and a half. Slower production due to rigorous importing and exporting logistics has seemed to hit every industry.…... Read Article

Welcome to Georgia Air’s New Online HVAC Orchard!

It’s Packed With Helpful Information, Sweet Deals and More! Welcome to the new online home of Georgia Air, the most wholesome home services choice for homeowners in Richmond Hill and…... Read Article